How to Utilize Free Classifieds for your Advantage

Utilize Free Classifieds for your Advantage

Free Classifieds are as a gift for the small enterprises or businesses. You can promote your brand and products free of cost and get some important back links to your business online. There is tons of classifieds which allows you to post your ads free on their portal, however there are certain important points you need to remember before you choose a free classified to post ads on.

Prepare Yourself for Web/Online Market : Before you jump to post free classified ads you need to be web ready with certain things like- 
1. Make sure you have a proper website where you can lead your potential customers.
2. You must create your verified Google business page where you provide your business address and contact details.
3. Try to make a social media business pages like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn cause this create an impression to the customer and you can make a connect to your customer or clients. [Post free Ad Now]

How to Use free Classifieds to gain business : if you have above three ready now you can move further and  start posting classifieds on some free channels like adolaa, click india, locanto ect. 

Some important points to remember while choosing a free classified website.
1. Relevant Category : Make sure you choose a classifieds which relates to your business, for the instance, you can't Automobile classified website to advertise your grocery products. You need to choose the relevant classifieds which matches your category.

2. Relevant Content: While posting ads you must remember that "Content is the King" and your content should be lucrative and relevant so that customer can motivate him/her to click and go to your website or make a contact to you. Make sure you right a fresh content for all your classified ads because google give preference to unique and fresh content rather then a copy paste work.

3. Relevant Linking: Third most important point is that you leave a back link for you which will redirect customer to your website or google business page as per your convenient. Without leaving link your classified ads won't be useful whether it is paid or free.

4. Relevant Image: Image role is essential, it is like "First Impression is the Last Impression" because in the classified ads if you have given relevant and attractive image you can attract more people who probably were to ignore your ads, so make sure you have attached relevant and attractive image to your classified post.

5. Leave a Call Back Option: You can leave a call back number or email id there in the classified ads, most of the free classifieds have enable the option to provide mobile number, like adolaa is the one providing more flexibility when it comes to free classified, and if option is there why not use it? 

So these were some important and useful points if you are planning to advertise through free classifieds, if you follow this certainly you can drive more traffic to your business and tha too free of cost.

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